Are Black people so useless and low that even African countries reject them?

Are Black people so useless and low that even African countries reject them?

Israel prime minister has offered an ultimatum to the African refugees in Israel. He says they can leave at will by a given time, or be hoarded like animals and tossed out, and he doesn't care where they go or what may happen to them. He says their presence diminishes the Jewish character (that being greed).

Yet another bigot letting out their closet racism in the era of trumpism

 The slave era of the Black man has diminished his character so much that he is seen as a loser by all other races. The media has portrayed Black folks as petty and violent criminals, drug addicts, illiterate, selfish, gluttonous, disloyal and gullible, and even Black folks seem to believe the hype. Black people refuse to support each other because they have been taught to hate each other and serve the White man as god. They have been given gods by all other races and have none of their own, and all the gods they worship seem to absolutely despise them, so they remain in misery.

Black folks are not despised because of skin color, it's what their skin color represents that is hated. People believe Black folks are weak so they cannot be trusted with sensitive information. It's thought that a Black man would give up his brother for a slice of bread. Yet before the christian and islam religions were forced on Africans, they were the developers of high tech civilizations, math, medicine, astrology and science. Where did that knowledge and wisdom go? There was prosperity across Africa, so much that Europeans were determined to take it all, and did. Why did the Africans lose it all?

Because they fell into the belief in gods and are trapped in such ignorance today! Religion caused Africans to despise each other and turn to deception, greed and segregation. Once they were divided, it was easy for Europeans to infiltrate and conquer.

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