Good ole GOP greed assassinated the man who would have reduced fuel costs

Good ole GOP greed assassinated the man who would have reduced fuel costs

During the fuel crisis of the 1970s, a 21 year old backyard engineer named Tom Ogle developed a carburetor alternative which would allow a 4,000lb car to travel 100 miles at 60 MPH on 1 gallon of petrol. Of course the greedy oil producing countries and their conservative partners did not approve of the concept and assassinated Ogle in 1981. Neither the component he developed or the technical papers he wrote were ever found.

In 1989 another American inventor, Stanley Allen Meyer, claimed to have invented a means by which a car could be fueled solely by water. He alleged that he had created a dune buggy which could travel across the United States on twenty-two gallons of water. He died in 1998 while celebrating the success of his invention with his brother and two financial backers from Belgium. Although his cause of death was stated as having been a brain aneurysm, many have speculated that he was poisoned so that the news of his invention would not spread and decrease the need for foreign oil. At the time of his death, Stanley Meyer had twenty patents on many water-fueled inventions.

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