Holiday killings that make you think there's something in the water

Holiday killings that make you think there's something in the water

New York metro certainly has a history of violence, primarily associated with drugs and theft, but the 2017 December holiday season saw 2 extreme domestic murder scenarios that leaves many in awe.

Family killed at home

Thursday December 28, 2017 cops in upsate Troy, NY found the bodies of two women and two children inside a basement apartment, all with slashed throats and bound hands.

myers-family.jpgShanise Myers, 5, Jeremiah Myers, 11, Shanta Myers, 36, and Brandi Mells, 22

According to the Troy police department, the four dead are Shanta Myers, 36, her 5-year-old daughter Shanise Myers, her 11-year-old son, Jeremiah Myers, and Brandi Mells, 22, who was in a relationship with Myers. To date no one has been named as a suspect and the search continues.


Young 22 year old wife and mother killed by husband

On Thursday December 28th, 2017 in Crown Heights, NY, Tonie Wells was killed by her husband Barry Wells inside their house.

tonie-wells.jpgTonie and Barry Wells

Apparently there was a fight between the couple and she called the cops stating "he's going to kill me" but when officers Wing Hong Lau and Wael Jaber arrived at the home, they chose to wait in the car with the assumption that the chaos had subsided. Those cops have since been suspended.

tonie-well-killed.jpgTonie Wells

It appears that the husband had shoved Tonie down a flight of stairs and she died on impact or from injuries. He probably thought she was merely hurt as he left the residence immediately and left his 2 year old daughter with the dead mother. He was apprehended later when his brother turned him in.

barry-wells-arrested.jpgBarry Wells arrested

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