Is anyone upset that the tyrant Mugabe has been booted from his throne?


The now ousted Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe has conceded to the people and declared that he is no longer president, and the people rejoiced. He took the country in a similar coup in 1980, and instead of growing the economy, this aggressor setout to abuse the people, steal wealth and reduce the economy to poverty. His intent was to establish his family as the forever royal owners of the country and was about to appoint his wife as the new president. The people were not having it, and in a single day, the military and police turned on the Mugabe's and their administration and now seeking to initiate change, but is the change for better!

Robert Mugabe speaks after the coup and declares himself still president

The interim leader and the man who instigated the overthrow is ex vice-president Emmerson Mnangagwa, who himself agreed and applied the extreme policing tactics implemented by Mugabe. He just happen to be the head of the coup because he is upset the Mugabe fired him. How dare you fire a vice president! So it is very likely that Mnangagwa will ebforce the same criminal activities of his former boss. He has declared that a democratic election will occur next year to allow the people to choose their pressy, but it is highly suspect that it will never happen.

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