Is it that no god exists or that god does not care about children sexually abused by priests?


The Catholic church have long been known for its violence against humanity, since the years of the inquisition when they brutally slaughtered people in the name of god, with the claim that they were "purging" the demon from the person. No doubt their crave for sex with children goes way back to those times. Where is god to protect the trusting children?

Maybe this 'god' doesn't care for adults who operate at their own will and many times do the wrong, but an 8 year old boy is still in his formative years and he has been told to give all his trust to 'god' and the priest, yet the priest abuses that trust. Shouldn't 'god' smite the evil priest? Instead that priest continues his child rape for another 60 years. This is the cusp of madness and evil.


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