Is the rise in white American racist assault due to Donald Trump or a global trend?


An Asian woman boarding the Metro rail in LA was verbally assaulted by a redneck who called her all the ignorant and offensive names he knew. It didn't seem to bother her as she simply recorded the stupidity and made it available to the world.

Since Trump's base is one of extreme right wing radicals who declare them selves as white nationalists, with the ignorant declaration that America is a whites-only country, and Trump has said similar nonsense, this kind of racial harassment has increased, to the point of murder, twice. Are we at the point where non-whites should start arming themselves in preparation for a national race war, a bloody race war? It certainly seems that way. In fact the extreme righters are doing just that.

They have posted the call for battle at numerous far right websites and even at Facebook. Facebook owners seem to be strong supporters of the racial violence as they tend to let those bigoted pages thrive, and only remove them when public outcry reaches fever pitch. It would not be a surprise to learn that Facebook owners, including Mark 'the greedy jew' Zuckerberg, are in support of genocide. They supported the racist posts from the Russians during the presidential campaign, by taking their money for post promotions, then lie about it, though the payments were clearly in Russian currency.

The fact is, ignorant poor class white fools are armed and ready to die for stupidity. It is up to everyone else to be armed and ready to resist!

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