It seems the loser white folks will always blame minorities for their miserable lives


A fat old white bitch in Toledo, Ohio decided to paint "hail trump" a swastika and "niggers get out" on her neighbor's house, and she is off to jail for it. Though it's unlikely she will serve any time because naturally a white judge and jury will claim she was mentally troubled, because she is white and white people are not criminals.

This has to end, but not by violence. The evil source know as trump MUST be removed from the presidential office, along with his crew of hate and bigotry. Part of the problem is that there are ignorant black people who believe in a white god and really believe that white trash god sent trump as the 'savior' of the bigoted christian cult. When the christian church is finally recognized as a criminal organization and a hate group and all its followers imprisoned, there will be unity and peace in the land.


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