Kimberly Daniels says: "I thank 'god' for slavery, otherwise I'd be in Africa worshiping a tree"

Kimberly Daniels says:

People who worship gods tend to be socially ignorant because they believe all their imaginary voices are coming from their 'god' and just says what they think they heard.

This absolutely dumb bitch, Florida state rep Kimberly Daniels believe that her 'god' gave her the power to cast out demons, gain wealth and gain a seat in government. She wants to put all christian religious statements in public areas, and really believe that if the words "in god we trust" are posted at the gate of schools, no shooter will get past the sign because a god is standing there.

She has stated before that she thanks god for slavery of black people otherwise she would be in Africa worshiping a tree today.

“I thank God for slavery, If it wasn’t for slavery, I might be somewhere in Africa worshiping a tree.”

That level of ignorance should immediately require removal from office and life imprisonment. In essence she is saying that ALL people in African countries are idiots, never heard of her christianity cult and totally illiterate. What a fool.

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