obesity is the second biggest cause of cancer and fat people are angry

obesity is the second biggest cause of cancer and fat people are angry

One would think that by informing the public on methods of living healthy would inspire and encourage them to feed properly, instead the silly adolescent nature is stimulated and a fat idiot like British celebrity Sofie Hagen rebels.

The cancer research center released a study which clearly indicates that obese people, primarily women, are more likely to have cancerous tumors because of the excess loads on organs and arteries. They released a statement

"It our duty to inform people about this and lobby the government on policies which will help us all to keep a healthy weight"

Sofie Hagen strongly condemned the campaign stating that it is “incredibly damaging” and that “society viewing fatness as a negative thing is a thing that kills more than the cancer". She chose to encourage the illness of gluttony and obesity by leading a negative campaign to block the research. She's just age 29, and because of her obese body, she looks more like 50.

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