Ryan Reiersgaard and Katie Mager lied about being mugged by a Black man who “looked like Fat Albert.”


In Minnesota Ryan Reiersgaard Katie Mager, 27, were celebrating Reiersgaard’s 27th birthday on Thursday when they decided “for fun” to lie to the cops, according to Reiersgaard, who also said that their “shenanigans” occasionally “get out of control.” They stated that they had landed at O’Hare airport and parked their car to go look for a hotel when they were approached by three men on the street. They claimed to have been robbed at knife point, losing an engagement ring as well as their luggage, which included $5,000 in cash, a Louis Vitton bag, and a Burberry purse.

Airport surveillance footage showed that they didn’t even have any luggage with them when they arrived at the airport. Each have been charged with one felony count of disorderly conduct of a false police report, and could face up to three years in prison. Prosecutors say Reiersgaard blames the episode on Mager, and said he "doesn't know her motives." Mager said of the false report that she "made a mistake, had bad friends, and was sorry," adding she would tell police the real story if they let her go home. She has previously been convicted of "unauthorized practice" as a peace officer in 2014, and of financial transaction fraud in 2013.

They are hoping their 'white privilege' will simply get them probation.

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