Stoneman Douglas high school student Colton Haad lied about reading CNN scripted questions

Stoneman Douglas high school student Colton Haad lied about reading CNN scripted questions

Glenn Haab a hard core Republican gun owner and the father of Parkland high school survivor Colton Haab has admitted that he altered emails to indicate that CNN demanded that his son and other students read scripted questions at the town hall meeting held on Wednesday, Feb 21 in Sunrise, FL. The video of Colton making the claim went viral and even excited Trump and his brotherhood. Now that the truth has been released, even FOX Hannity and the lying Tucker Carlson have issued half hearted apologies.


Haab acknowledged Tuesday that he omitted words in an email he sent to media outlets accusing CNN of using scripted remarks at a town hall on guns and school safety. The clear indication that he is a literal dumbass, because there would be an original source email and copied recipients that would have contradicted his forgery.

All the alt right conservative websites jumped on the bullshit lie and called the network's Feb. 21 town hall forum "scripted" after Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School junior Colton Haab skipped the event and said the network had told him what questions to ask. The websites call it proof the forum was slanted against gun rights. President Dumbass Trump tweeted about it on Friday, saying "Just like so much of CNN, Fake News!"

CNN countered with a release of email exchanges between producer Carrie Stevenson, Colton Haab and his father Glenn and accused Glenn Haab of deliberately altering email sent to Fox News and the Huffington Post.

"It is unfortunate that an effort to discredit CNN and the town hall with doctored emails has taken any attention away from the purpose of the event," 

Glenn Haab told The Associated Press he omitted some words from the email but said he didn't do it on purpose and claims "There was nothing malicious behind it,". He simply wanted fame and recognition from the alt-right brotherhood.

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