The African hair styles through the centuries

The African hair styles through the centuries

The African hair texture is unique, yet across the globe, Black folks have been convinced that their natural hair is 'bad', 'nasty', 'nappy', 'ugly' and any other adjective that define socially unacceptable. For that reason, Black women spend over $4 billion annually to change their beautifully unique hair to straight, some even turn to fake hair to achieve what they have been told is 'beauty'.

Why are Black folks disgusted by their natural short stubbly hair? Stop caring about the hate from the common people with common natural straight hair. The gods made you unique for a special reason. If you believe in a god, and that your were made by that god, changing your unique to copy others, is slapping that god in the face and stating that it's wrong or wicked to have given you 'nappy' hair!

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