The popular Bajan prostitute Natalie 'Natlee' Harewood announces her bid for government office

The popular Bajan prostitute Natalie 'Natlee' Harewood announces her bid for government office

The renowned Instagram 'skin-out' model and local Barbados 'high end' prostitute with stage name 'Natlee', has announced via Facebook and Instagram, her intent to quit selling the booty and serve the people of Barbados as a government official, all under her newly found political party called "Natlee Labor Party".

"Hi, my Instagram and Facebook friends, I am here to announce that I will be quitting my profession as a prostitute to pursue my political ambition to becoming the next parliamentary representative for The City of Bridgetown."

“I considering Pumpy Do to work with me, along with SK because them boy had my back from the start.” "some people may take this as a joke but this is for the people”

It seems Natlee thinks her 40,000 Instagram followers can legally vote her into the Barbados government. To many, especially the proper political incumbents and tertiary educated challengers, her bid is one of comedy and ridicule. They figure she has always done whatever it took to stay relevant, and this move is simply another call for needed attention. Heck, her body is not attractive as it was 10 years ago, especially after a few kids, and her young female competitors have taken all her business.

Barbados is a bible thumping nation, a result of slavery, and naturally the pious types frown on Natlee's method of income. Even her manifesto of the party is a contrast of the highly conservative natives. She wants total legalization of marijuana and cocaine, decriminalizing and regulation of prostitution and providing practitioners with licenses, and the return of free education. Based on those tenets and her ghetto trash character, it's highly unlikely that she will get any significant support.


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