Was Stephen Hawkins 'great' or the media just pity marketed him as such?

Was Stephen Hawkins 'great' or the media just pity marketed him as such?

The 'great' scientist Stephen Hawkins died today at age 76, and many are mourning. But was he truly greater than any other physicist today or before him? No! In fact, his theories were debunked and even ridiculed by many in the science community, and even labeled as rambling nonsense and rhetoric. However the media saw the advantage of marketing a pitiful person, and everyone who wanted to stay politically correct and gain from the association with the name, joined the party.

Hawkins studied the sciences just the same as many others, and was pretty much unknown until he was struck with cerebral palsy and given 2 years to live. His wealthy family and friends then promoted him as superior and garnered the attention of the media and the doctors who would invest vast amounts of resources to keep him alive just to make a point. Had he been poor and non-white, he'd be dead long ago.

Has he made any impact or provided any advantage to the world? Not really. All that he taught and rambled about were already being studied and applied by other able bodied scholars. He's merely someone who was 'successful' based on pity, and not from any superior achievements.

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