Yet another school teacher in trumpism era has exposed her white supremacy ideals

Yet another school teacher in trumpism era has exposed her white supremacy ideals

Florida middle school teacher 25 year old Dayanna Volitich (Russian descent) of Crystal River Middle School, has been ousted as a closet racist. She masquerades at Twitter and other networks as the extreme white nationalist 'Tiana Dalichov' (she loves her Russian heritage), and has expressed very vile beliefs about Jews, Muslims, Mexican and Africans. She believes trump should not only build a southern wall, but start shooting any one near the wall in Mexico. She has stated "Muslims should be eradicated from the earth" and believe the Jewish holocaust is a lie.

She boasts in one of her podcasts that she secretly teaches her white students that they are better than others and black people are disgusting and dirty. She even boasts that she lied to the school administration when her racist ideologies were once reported, and she laughed and called them 'lefties' for believing her.

Since the exposure of her radical web pages on Friday March 2 by the Huffington Post, the Citrus county school superintendent has suspended Volitich and launched an investigation, though all the research has been done and proven true, however her 'white privilege' allows her due process.

These now common exposure of white nationalist ideology should make many black folks aware that their white 'friends' may secretly despise them and taking action to do harm, either physically or socially.

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