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Double trouble for actor Kevin Spacey

Actor Kevin Spacey, who has been forever private about his personal life, now declares that he is and has always been gay, which marked the first ...
Wednesday, November 01 2017 8:52pm

Rap artist Lil Peep's death stirs chatter about drug addiction

Does it matter that Lil Peep is White? Is his race the primary factor that celeb drug abuse is now a "serious matter"? Since the "roaring 20s", ...
Monday, November 13 2017 9:08pm

Jose “Migue” Malave fatally stabbed while protecting 8 year son

Jose “Migue” Malave, 30, of Jersey City, was stabbed around 7 p.m. at his home on Tuesday night when he tried to defend his 8-year-old son from a ...
Wednesday, November 15 2017 9:30pm

Are the men who get freaky with life size dolls just wacko?

Many men, and possibly women, are now getting their freak on with synthetic life size dolls that never age and they clean up nicely. Does that mean ...
Tuesday, August 15 2017 9:40pm

The confederate statue dispute will exist for another 50 years

At Ole Miss, many students say another wave of racial turmoil is inevitable, especially since much of the combative dialogue between two ...
Saturday, August 19 2017 9:51pm

The movie 'American Made' with Tom Cruise implies that crime pays well

The movie is based on TWA pilot Barry Seal who was not satisfied with his $100k salary and figured more money was availible in crime, drug ...
Saturday, September 30 2017 10:24pm

Is the criminal jim bakker an idiot or just senile?

The crazed comeback televangelist Jim Bakker who was imprisoned in the 1980s for embezlement and many other crimes, has been trying to peddle his ...
Wednesday, October 04 2017 10:26pm

Doesn't the movie 'suburbicon' stir racial tensions?

This 2017 movie "Suburbicon", directed and written by George Clooney, Coen brothers, and Grant Heslov, uses a fairytale setting as a cheeky backdrop ...
Wednesday, October 11 2017 10:28pm

Ohio Republican legislator who hates gays is caught having gay sex :)

Extreme rightwing and super conservative fundamental CHRISTIAN Wes Goodman who is married with kids,  ran a hate campaign claiming “family ...
Monday, November 13 2017 10:43pm

If you use the 'jailbreak' Amazon Firestick, you could see jail time

The risks of streaming illegal content through Amazon Firestick criminal copyright infringement is punishable by up to five years in federal prison ...
Wednesday, September 13 2017 3:32am

Cooking in the wild

Life in the rural areas of any land may be devoid of organized plumbing and electricty which mean the dwellers must rely on that which their ...
Sunday, November 19 2017 4:05pm

OU QB Baker Mayfield apologizes for crotch grab after defeating Kansas

The start of the Oklahoma Sooners vs Kansas University football game on Saturday November 18 was full of aggression from the start when the Kansas ...
Sunday, November 19 2017 4:31pm

The most disrespectful NBA dunks of all time

Sunday, November 19 2017 4:38pm

Lavar Ball disses Trump after his son is released from Chinese jail

Lavar Ball's son was arrested in China for petty theft and was facing 10 years in prison (unlikely) and Donald Trump took credit for getting them ...
Sunday, November 19 2017 5:42pm

Robert Mugabe speaks after the coup and declares himself still president

Today November 19 2017, in Harare, Zimbabwe, the over thrown president Mugabe delivers a speech to declare that he is still president.
Sunday, November 19 2017 6:02pm

When all seems lost, fate brings the change

Sunday, November 19 2017 7:52pm

This real chase is fit for the movies

Sunday, November 19 2017 8:24pm

Plastic and glass bits have been found in Trader Joe's salads. Massive recall announced

The grocery chain Trader Joe's has announced that bits of plastic and glas may be found in salds with product use-by dates 11/10 to 11/21 and the ...
Monday, November 20 2017 11:23am

Is anyone upset that the tyrant Mugabe has been booted from his throne?

The now ousted Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe has conceded to the people and declared that he is no longer president, and the people rejoiced. He ...
Wednesday, November 22 2017 6:59pm

Usain Bolt Challenges The Smart Kevin Hart In A Poker Face Match

Who will win this challenge? Kevin Hart is a man of wit and cunning, hence the reason he is a superstar at only 5' 4". Watch how he psyches out Usian ...
Saturday, November 25 2017 1:20am

The life style of the 1% super wealthy is excessive and is the reason for their greed

The rest of humanity, the 99%, are subject to everlasting abuse by the 1% super wealthy because they have the power to build and destroy countries, ...
Saturday, November 25 2017 2:15am

The "Black Friday" Gun Sales Hit Record High - Did You Get Yours

The FBI states that they received more than 200,000 requests for background checks tied to firearm purchases on Black Friday November 24, a single ...
Monday, November 27 2017 2:19pm

A racist elementary school in Virginia file unwarranted charge against black mother

Sarah Sims sent her 9 year old daughter to school daily and feared for her safety each day because the child was being beat up by others. Sims made ...
Tuesday, November 28 2017 3:58am

The old 'christmas blackface' festival continues in Belgium despite protests

The 'blackface festival' in Belgium has existed for eons and it has always been despised by the people it offends, African, yet despite protests, the ...
Tuesday, November 28 2017 3:56pm

She is naked and no one realized

Jen The Body Painter has dazzled viewers with great body art since 2015 but her recent stunt at a shopping mall caused many to do double takes.
Wednesday, November 29 2017 3:25pm

Why would successful Golden Krust founder and CEO Lowell Hawthorne kill himself?

It's the heart wrenching question being asked by the family, friends and employees of the Nationally famous Golden Krust Caribbean restaurant's ...
Sunday, December 03 2017 1:55am

A memorial statue of Usain Bolt is unveiled in Jamaica... but many are disappointed

The statue of Usain Bolt was unveiled inside Independence Park, Kingston Jamaica, on Sunday December 3. The statue was designed by sculptor Basil ...
Monday, December 04 2017 2:55am

Walmart dumps over $50,000 worth of 'good' food

Mercer County, where Celina is located, was hit by two tornadoes Nov. 5. The Celina Walmart location was without power for 14 hours, the company said ...
Monday, December 04 2017 2:02pm

Yet another bigot letting out their closet racism in the era of trumpism

This racist woman in Metarie, Louisiana, a well known area of bigotry and the home town of the one time KKK overlord 'david duke', lost her mind when ...
Monday, December 04 2017 5:00pm

A white man tosses candy on the ground for Black kids - is it racist?

Tennessee is one of those states known for extreme bigotry, so when at the Millington vet parade a white male (supposedly a veteran) tossed candy on ...
Monday, December 04 2017 9:11pm

Ryan Reiersgaard and Katie Mager lied about being mugged by a Black man who “looked like Fat Albert.”

In Minnesota Ryan Reiersgaard Katie Mager, 27, were celebrating Reiersgaard’s 27th birthday on Thursday when they decided “for fun” ...
Tuesday, December 12 2017 1:18am

The rumor that white police train their dogs to attack black people may be true

Since the era of segregation in America, it was believed that cops trained dogs to only attack Black people, because they "were all criminals".  ...
Tuesday, December 12 2017 1:44am

watch Marshawn Lynch lose his mind while watching a circus act

The super star NFL running back Marshawn Lynch has a Facebook video series called "No Script" where he does wacky skits and invite random guests to ...
Friday, December 22 2017 12:37pm

Every charity is a scam! Stop donating!

Ever since the very first 'charity' business realized the potential for vast wealth from tapping the pitiful nature of humans, every business (yes ...
Tuesday, December 26 2017 3:48am

Many people are declaring an impeachment of Donald Trump. Do you agree?

With the ongoing investigation of Russian involvement with the Trump presidential campaign and the arrests and evidence presented thus far, it seems ...
Tuesday, December 26 2017 1:31pm

Is christianity a state of insanity? Top evangelical extremists have told their followers that Trump is the 'messiah'

The christian bible presents 'jesus' as the most pure human ever to walk on Earth, yet they consider Donald Trump, a man who has been divorced twice, ...
Tuesday, December 26 2017 1:53pm

Yet they say white folks are not rowdy and depraved

A group of drunken santas in New York started a brawl which spilled into the streets, and the lovely white cops just told them all to go home. Yay ...
Thursday, December 28 2017 2:38am

Holiday killings that make you think there's something in the water

New York metro certainly has a history of violence, primarily associated with drugs and theft, but the 2017 December holiday season saw 2 extreme ...
Wednesday, January 03 2018 2:37pm

Did you know "getting jiggy" was sampled from 5 songs?

Sampling audio from previously published music is not new, and often done with the assumption that the action is protected under the public domain ...
Wednesday, January 03 2018 4:41pm

Cops warn of scammers using simple social media tricks to steal identity

People love to share their words on almost anything published at social networks, and they particularly like to participate in thrill surveys. The ...
Tuesday, January 02 2018 5:45pm

Can you be with someone who is entirely fake?

Using make-up to enhance one's natural appearance is great for public presentation, especially for TV since the public wants visual perfection, ...
Wednesday, January 03 2018 11:08pm

Are Black people so useless and low that even African countries reject them?

Israel prime minister has offered an ultimatum to the African refugees in Israel. He says they can leave at will by a given time, or be hoarded like ...
Friday, January 05 2018 12:43pm

Though hundreds of white folks die from opioid overdose annually, it seems the racist authority only want to arrest Black folks who use marijuana

Numerous stats show that the greater portion of illegal drug users in America are white, yet a racist authority still target only black communities ...
Friday, January 05 2018 8:15pm

Greedy cable companies are going after those hooked on silly TV

If you are hooked on TV, be prepared to pay more! Cable and satellite TV companies raise prices every year to pass along what they say are rising ...
Friday, January 05 2018 8:59pm

Good ole GOP greed assassinated the man who would have reduced fuel costs

During the fuel crisis of the 1970s, a 21 year old backyard engineer named Tom Ogle developed a carburetor alternative which would allow a 4,000lb ...
Saturday, January 06 2018 6:49pm

The African hair styles through the centuries

The African hair texture is unique, yet across the globe, Black folks have been convinced that their natural hair is 'bad', 'nasty', 'nappy', 'ugly' ...
Monday, January 08 2018 7:13pm

So Oprah got another award, then she promotes

Oprah Winfrey Accepts the Cecil B. de Mille Award - Golden Globes 2018, then she goes on about the #MeToo campaign "I want all of the girls ...
Monday, January 08 2018 7:32pm

The video that upset many white folks in 2016

This video was produced in 2010 by the African American Policy Forum and “Structural Discrimination: The Unequal Opportunity Race”, and when in ...
Monday, January 08 2018 7:42pm

So is it racist?

Here we are again with another blatantly bigoted marketing from a white owned company. Clothing retailer H&M, a Swedish line, published an image ...
Monday, January 08 2018 8:04pm

Have you wondered how electric cars work? Watch this

Electric cars are making big waves in the automobile world. These noise-free, pollution-free and high-performance vehicles are expected to make their ...
Monday, January 08 2018 8:52pm

The vintage MK1 Escort is still thrilling fans around the world

The era of 1970s was especially exciting for Euro cars due to their compact form and nimble ability, and the MK1 Ford Escort was among the elites.
Monday, January 08 2018 9:00pm

Are Black people in America purposely oppressed to ensure poverty?

History implies that every effort Black folks make to rise above the stigma of poverty, slavery and crime, the others do anything to suppress, but ...
Tuesday, January 09 2018 1:42am

It seems POTUS does not know the lyrics of the American anthem

President Donald Trump took the field for the national anthem ahead of the 2018 College Football National Championship game between Alabama and ...
Tuesday, January 09 2018 1:53am

A female school teacher arrested for questioning the superintendent's salary raise

This is the result of extreme capitalism, AKA greed! A school teacher in Louisiana dared to question the high pay raise of the useless ...
Tuesday, January 09 2018 11:56pm

Everybody say yay for 'white privilege'! He admits to use and possesion of weed and just get a ticket

Cops in Florida smells the odor of marijuana inside a white man's vehicle so they bring in a massive squad to find the stash. After an hour or so ...
Wednesday, January 10 2018 12:16am

White cops slaughter a handicapped Black male while he sits in wheelchair

It appears that White cops are deliberately trained to hate and kill Black men. In this video, 5 hate filled White cops surround a Black man in a ...
Wednesday, January 10 2018 12:28am

White woman wanted for violent gun crimes, shoots at cops but allowed to live

The woman was chased and she fired shots at the cops but they never tried to kill her, instead they tried to make her surrender. Eventually she died ...
Wednesday, November 22 2017 12:34am

Kansas republican state rep wants to ban marijuana because of "the Blacks"

Maybe there really is a race war in the plans of the GOP. Steve Alford of Kansas said the reason marijuana cannot be legal is because Black folks ...
Wednesday, January 10 2018 12:54am

Were they killed by extraterrestrials?

In 1959, a group of Russian hikers died mysteriously in the Ural mountains. The cause of their deaths were never conclusively determined and many ...
Thursday, January 11 2018 1:09pm

Oprah Winfrey's multi million home caught in massive mudslide

The mudslide that hit southern California has claimed 17 people and caused billions in damage of homes and businesses. One close call was the multi ...
Thursday, January 11 2018 1:20pm

Yet the denying GOP ass kissers say trump is not a bigot as he labels Black countries as "shithole"

According to a Democratic aide briefed on a meeting, just hours after causing confusion in Washington about whether he supported the renewal of a ...
Thursday, January 11 2018 10:28pm

The coolest dad on the web jamming with his BFF

This is the dad that all kids want to hang with. He jams with his little girl in the car and now they are famous for it. 😍
Thursday, January 11 2018 11:18pm

The raging California mudslide washing a car down the street

The car looks like it's being driven though. It is under intelligent control.
Friday, January 12 2018 3:48am

Impeach the bigot! That is the call by many who now realise that trump is a hateful bigot

A look at all Trump's history of racially incendiary comments and his family history of KKK association.
Friday, January 12 2018 12:40pm

Senator Durbin stands his ground on his report that donald trump called Black countries "shitholes"

The now acknowledged bigot President Trump offered a vague denial about his statement about immigrants during a private meeting with lawmakers at the ...
Friday, January 12 2018 1:11pm

Vanderbilt shows their stance on white supremacy by supporting white supremacy

Vanderbilt University is still punishing people who oppose white supremacy. Medical resident Dr. Eugune Gu, who has over 110,000 Twitter followers ...
Friday, January 12 2018 3:12pm

Anderson Cooper dishes on trump

All media houses around the world are on the matter of the great racist donald trump, and Anderson Cooper has let his emotions flow freely.
Friday, January 12 2018 11:24pm

Seal sets the record straight for Fox and the self hating Stacy Dash

The award winning singer Seal has been slandered by the very ignorant Stacey Dash and her friends at Fox who adopted her as a honorary white. They ...
Friday, January 12 2018 11:33pm

Britain politicians call for the ban and arrest of donald trump if he sets foot in UK

The ignoramus donald trump has stated that he cancelled his trip to London for the opening of the US embassy, because of Obama. He hates Black people ...
Friday, January 12 2018 11:46pm

Africans across the continent respond the the "shithole"

People from numerous countries in Africa express their rage at the ignorant statement from the klan leader trump.
Friday, January 12 2018 11:56pm

A history of the racist drumpf family

The drumpf family have long been associated with racism, starting with grampa drumpf who supported the oppression of Jews while he lived in Germany. ...
Saturday, January 13 2018 12:00am

Six months later and still no justice for Bakari Henderson who was racially murdered in Greece

It's seems almost unlikely that the Serbian men who murdered Bakari Henderson based solely in racial hatred, will ever see any prison time in Greece ...
Saturday, January 13 2018 3:37am

When Surya Bonaly introduced the backflip in figure skating in 1998, the judges snubbed their noses

Surya Bonaly thrilled the world of figure skating in 1998 by being Black and good at her craft, then did what no other skater had ever done before -- ...
Saturday, January 13 2018 12:33pm

5 Things To Know About The Hati "shithole" Country

The poverty of Haiti is not due to lack of effort but entirely by white man's oppression. Since the Haitians overthrew their whit French slave ...
Saturday, January 13 2018 1:26pm

Just because it's kinda cool - 737 90 degree take off

This is intriguing but certainly upsetting for passengers.
Saturday, January 13 2018 1:32pm

He contorts like a pretzel and it is a freakshow

Now that just about every country has a "... got talent" show, we can expect to see the performances that are blocked or avoided in certain lands. ...
Saturday, January 13 2018 1:47pm

The destructive effect of social media

The recent social media harassment of the H&M retailer that seemingly racially disparaged a black boy by displaying him in a shirt with the words ...
Saturday, January 13 2018 2:01pm

The sub that never was - voyage to the bottom of the sea

There have been many fantasy electronics from movies of the 1960s - 1980s which have become reality, but the super submarine vessel which could also ...
Saturday, January 13 2018 2:28pm

Fundamental christians defend the racism of trump as 'words of god'

The extreme right christians have stepped up for trumpism. From the start in 2014, the greedy prosperity preachers have declared that Donald Trump ...
Tuesday, January 16 2018 8:46pm

Then this happened: Senatory Cory Booker uleashes the 'shithole' on Kirstjen Nielsen

Trump has found his security in Jews so he has surrounded himself in their protection, because when it comes to lying, a Jew is a master, just read ...
Tuesday, January 16 2018 8:59pm

The main aim of the DACA ban is to get rid of non-white people

There are millions of illegal white immigrants in America, but it seems the bigoted regime is focused solely on non-whites. Many illegal Russian ...
Tuesday, January 16 2018 10:07pm

Is he just ignorant for stating that 'mexicans' are destroying black communities?

This seemingly ignorant and brainwashed man is thanking Trump for ousting Mexicans, Haitians and other Black folks, because he's convinced they are ...
Tuesday, January 16 2018 10:30pm

This is what confirms that white cops are told by their superiors to shoot black people

An investigation in 2017 of the Louisville Metro Police relative to a "sex probe", revealed that assistant chief Todd Shaw had communicated very ...
Sunday, January 21 2018 2:57pm

Brilliant minds have created convenient transportation devices that will keep you slim

People have been hooked to their automobiles since the inception, and the combination of the drive through fast food has led to a fat based society. ...
Monday, January 22 2018 1:54pm

Check out little Jonah jamming the drums

When Jonah was 5, his video blew the minds of many folks and now at age 12 he is a rockstar with a bright future. Hopefully the keep him away from ...
Monday, January 22 2018 11:25pm

The ignorant fat kid from a viral 2007 video has achieved his dream of being a 'hood rat'

This is the very misguided and non-guided kid, who in 2007 at the age of 7, stole his gradmother's car and drove into the town. When asked why he did ...
Thursday, February 01 2018 12:47am

The wonders of braid hair styling

There are many suave styles that can be done to anyone's natural hair, especially when braided. Why straighten or glue in fake straight hair? Make ...
Thursday, February 01 2018 1:18am

Angela Rye and the Breakfast Club discus Trump's SOU message

Since Donald Trump's state of the union message on Monday Jan 29, just about every media network have delivered opinions and editorials on the ...
Thursday, February 01 2018 1:46am

The rubber snake prank that only a spoiled affluent boy can pull off

What would you do if someone made a fool of you with this prank?
Thursday, February 01 2018 2:16am

Did you know ganja smoking was the choice of white elites upto the late 1800s?

This video implies that the wacky weed was used primarily by white elites up to the late 1800s, and when prohibition was being promoted in 1930s, ...
Thursday, February 01 2018 2:42am

Black people must stop blaming others for economic depravity

The trend for Black communities is perpetual consumption. Reports have indicated that a dollar lasts only 1 hour in Black communities while in Asian ...
Thursday, February 01 2018 2:54am

Why do white folks think of all Black people as criminals?

A black man walked into an Old Navy store, wearing a jacket he bought weeks before and the white staff immediately commanded him to take off the ...
Thursday, February 01 2018 3:11am

Did you know over 250k girls under 16 were married to older men betwee 2000 and 2010?

The 'bible-belt is still hanging on to the 'good ol' days' of old men marrying teenage girls because they believe it is what 'god' wants. The church ...
Thursday, February 01 2018 11:23am

She is the baddest femme on bass

Nik West is the greatest female bass player you may never have heard of, if you're black, partly because she spends her time in rock and tend to hang ...
Thursday, February 01 2018 1:23pm

Making bread from cockroaches is the future

This appears disgusting because we have told that it should be, but the roach is part of the diet for some people in remote areas of the world, and ...
Friday, February 02 2018 11:50am

Is christianity just a show for gullible and weak people?

People who believe in gods will say they hear the voice of their god, and when asked what language that god speaks, it's always the language that the ...
Friday, February 02 2018 12:31pm

People unite for sports yet divide for progress

Why do people unite and celebrate when their city's national pro sports team win a national championship? The only people who will gain and progress ...
Monday, February 05 2018 12:49pm

Jenifer Lewis is one of many with the insatiable sexual addiction and now she advises

The insatiable desire for sex has long been associated with men, but that is just media bias. Women have the same needs and though they may be more ...
Monday, February 05 2018 8:22pm

Everyone wants to boast their parenting methods online, so here is another

She is the social media yoga star and apparently did not want to break her routine just to feed a whiny kid, so she just did her thing while the kid ...
Monday, February 05 2018 10:39pm

Is the rise in white American racist assault due to Donald Trump or a global trend?

An Asian woman boarding the Metro rail in LA was verbally assaulted by a redneck who called her all the ignorant and offensive names he knew. It ...
Tuesday, February 06 2018 2:04am

Ron Clark Academy kids told they were going to see the movie "Black Panther" and flash mob breaks out

This is what united joy looks like. Sadly though, as the kids age, they are taught to hate by their adult life instructors. So lets enjoy it while ...
Tuesday, February 06 2018 2:26am

Elon Musk is pushing the space boundaries by sending a Tesla Roadster into space

Without dependency on a government controlled agency as NASA, the private space company SpaceX, owned by Elon Musk, can do what the Fck they want, ...
Tuesday, February 06 2018 2:38am

Cats are just naturally curious, hence the adage -curiousity killed the cat

This compilation of cats which dove head first into danger, shows the natural curious nature they have.
Tuesday, February 06 2018 3:06am

Animals showing how they rescue their peers

The animals in this video are making effort to save another animal. It seems bizarre but maybe they've always done that.
Tuesday, February 06 2018 3:10am

So sad for a mother heading home from church last Sunday

On Super Bowl 52 Sunday while all of America prepared for an entertaining night, one family had to spend the night in mourning. Surveillance video ...
Tuesday, February 06 2018 3:25am

No one will ever wear this crap!

The madness with the fashion world is that they see absolute nonsense as fashion, and it's accepted with their bizarre world because they are ...
Tuesday, February 06 2018 3:28am

This will freak you out about the water you drink everyday. Are you being poisoned?

Some videos have been published showing home experiments with water, albeit all from UK, but it begs the question: are we being purposely ...
Tuesday, February 06 2018 3:00pm

Don't be scared by racist cops to believe you do not have the right to guns

The racist cops would have Black people believe that they cannot legally own weapons, and they do that to ensure that Black people will be unarmed if ...
Tuesday, February 06 2018 3:40pm

No Excuses! These men don't need no stinking gym to bulk up and stay lean

If you make excuses for being fat, it just means you have no ambition to be lean and fit. These dudes somewhere in an African country have created a ...
Tuesday, February 06 2018 3:52pm

Britain sent criminals to steal Australia from the inhabitants and this white nationalist is mad about migrants

During the era when Britain was stealing countries, under the claim of 'colonization', they were sending rapists, murderers, drug pushers and all ...
Wednesday, February 07 2018 12:20pm

Francis Maxwell blasts the right wing media on their obvious double standard

When the Black Lives Matter protests occur, Fox news calls them thugs, criminals and anything negative. When Philly Eagles won the Superbowl, the ...
Wednesday, February 07 2018 12:40pm

The rat that loved to bathe

Somewhere in the world this rat has done the unthinkable 😂
Wednesday, February 07 2018 1:06pm

The private prison industry is a modern slave trade business

When slavery was abolished in America, business men felt they still needed to profit from inhumanity, so they created the CCA (corrections ...
Wednesday, February 07 2018 3:36pm

All dictators use media propaganda to mislead and divide people. Trump seems to be on the path

America has never had a military parade to boast its power, simply because it is entirely a waste of money and human resource. It is done solely by ...
Monday, February 12 2018 1:58am

WSVN Channel 7 producer Robin Ross fired after video blasting a neighbor about his son dating a nigger

Robin Ross who is employed at the Miami news station WSVN Channel 7, got into an argument with a neighbor Robert Fenton, after he confronts her for ...
Tuesday, February 13 2018 1:35pm

Trump's attorney now admits to paying $130k to Stormy Daniels but won't say why

President Donald Trump didn’t pay porn star Stormy Daniels in an attempt to hide their reported affair. Trump’s longtime personal lawyer, Michael ...
Wednesday, February 14 2018 1:23pm

The self defined racist congressional GOP condidate Paul Nehlen banned from Twitter for racist posts

Wisconsin GOP congressional candidate Paul Nehlen, the "WhiteAmericaFirst" head, was permanently banned from Twitter on Sunday after a series of ...
Wednesday, February 14 2018 3:26pm

Just another day of mass shooting at a school in America -- 17 dead at high school in Fort Lauderdale

A 19 year old white male who was expelled from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL returned today with an AR-15 rifle (the preferred ...
Wednesday, February 14 2018 7:08pm

Already extreme rightwing nuts have declared the Parkland school shooting is fake

The far rightwing NRA nuts are very good at the fake videos. They have paid this girl with the name Alexa Miednik to lie that she spoke to the ...
Thursday, February 15 2018 1:16am

This racist idiot says all illegal aliens should be killed

This idiot says he is hard core Trumpian and is ready to start killing 'illegal aliens', because Trump says to do so and he will defend all who "hurt ...
Saturday, February 17 2018 11:29pm

While the GOP wants to deport DACA, they want to allow Russian women US residency if their kids are born in America

It seems there is a bias at work among the white GOP when it comes to immigration. They want to deport kids who were born in America to illegal ...
Tuesday, February 20 2018 1:38am

In office racism can't be this brazen

Terri Silar of Tampa, FL posted 3 photos at her Facebook page on Wednesday Feb 21, which showed brazen racist attack at her job, fully directed at ...
Thursday, February 22 2018 9:41pm

Texas white girl who cried rape by 3 black men, set to be sentenced

In March 2017, Breana Rachelle Harmon's fiancé reported her missing, and later she showed up at a church bloodied and barely clothed, with the claim ...
Monday, February 26 2018 11:31am

What do you call a black man who is married to a white woman, avoids black people and denies racial injustice?

You call him David "the absolute house negro" Clarke! Before running a pro-Trump Super PAC, Sheriff David Clarke denied the existence of police ...
Thursday, March 01 2018 2:30am

Donald Trump has an insatiable crave for notoriety so he has paid someone to nominate him for a Nobel Peace Prize

while 329 candidates are currently being considered for this year’s prize out of Norway, the committee announced that a forged nomination had been ...
Thursday, March 01 2018 2:48am

Stoneman Douglas high school student Colton Haad lied about reading CNN scripted questions

Glenn Haab a hard core Republican gun owner and the father of Parkland high school survivor Colton Haab has admitted that he altered emails to ...
Thursday, March 01 2018 3:16am

Do women wear $1,500 fake hair to attract a mate or just to boast?

If a woman has to spend over $1,000 monthly to be 'beautiful', doesn't that make her vain and morally artificial? Most likely she will have other ...
Friday, March 02 2018 12:45pm

Hacks to make your kitchen worthy without a trip to Walmart

Sometimes you may need a kitchen utensil which may not be in your arsenal, and the first thought that comes to mind is to head to the store. This ...
Friday, March 02 2018 5:35pm

Kimberly Daniels says: "I thank 'god' for slavery, otherwise I'd be in Africa worshiping a tree"

People who worship gods tend to be socially ignorant because they believe all their imaginary voices are coming from their 'god' and just says what ...
Friday, March 02 2018 5:54pm

SNL pokes fun at the NRA with a skit about roaches with AR-15

"Ned (Charles Barkley) knows the only thing that can stop a bad roach is a good roach with a gun." The stick to the NRA is The gun-toting roaches ...
Sunday, March 04 2018 4:11pm

obesity is the second biggest cause of cancer and fat people are angry

One would think that by informing the public on methods of living healthy would inspire and encourage them to feed properly, instead the silly ...
Sunday, March 04 2018 5:27pm

Yet another school teacher in trumpism era has exposed her white supremacy ideals

Florida middle school teacher 25 year old Dayanna Volitich (Russian descent) of Crystal River Middle School, has been ousted as a closet racist. She ...
Monday, March 05 2018 3:25am

Vintage dancehall artists Admiral Bailey and Professor Nuts perform live at BBC 1Xtra

These boys from the 1980s dancehall arena, met at BBC 1Xtra radio show in London and demonstrated that they still have the skills to entertain new ...
Monday, March 05 2018 3:52am

Dana Loesch of the NRA issue open threat of war in America

Dana Loesch seems to think the NRA has enough guns to win a civil war in America so she has released a video threat. In the past the NRA has promised ...
Monday, March 05 2018 1:08pm

Panama has evicted Trump and chisled his name off the tower

On Monday, police wearing bulletproof vests entered the lobby of the Trump International Hotel in Panama on Monday morning and evicted the Trump ...
Tuesday, March 06 2018 1:12am

Did you know there is a concept of 'white genocide'? It's all just ignorance and madness

“White genocide” is merely the 1930s Nazi conspiracy theory that white nationalists conservatives now use to garner pity among their base. The ...
Tuesday, March 06 2018 12:37pm

What type of person eats like this?

This kinda food is guaranteed blocked arteries and diabetes. Only the gluttonous types would find this excessiveness attractive.
Tuesday, March 06 2018 12:59pm

A crazed racist white woman attack actor marius makon in spain

"I don’t want black people in this place or in front of me." "I’m white. I can kill you and nothing will happen to me" The 'trumpism' effect has ...
Thursday, March 08 2018 1:59am

Yet another Florida school teacher has unleashed his closet hate for Black folks

Just one week after another racist Florida teacher lost her job for blatant racist statements, David Swinyar, a 48-year-old math teacher at Kernan ...
Friday, March 09 2018 12:43pm

It's never over 'til the fat lady sings - for real

The old adage "it's never over until it's over" is certainly applicable in this 2011 UFC MMA fight between Cheick Kongo and Pat Barry. When Barry ...
Monday, March 12 2018 7:41pm

Are white men stockpiling guns because they know of an impending racial war?

A study shows that 3% of Americans own 50% of the 300+ million guns across the country, and that demographic just happens to be white. Why are white ...
Wednesday, March 14 2018 10:24am

Was Stephen Hawkins 'great' or the media just pity marketed him as such?

The 'great' scientist Stephen Hawkins died today at age 76, and many are mourning. But was he truly greater than any other physicist today or before ...
Wednesday, March 14 2018 11:07am

"One Hit Wonder" Rapper Skee Lo Talks About His Long Term Success Off A Single Song

In 1995 when the rap market had drifted heavily into West Coast 'gangsta rap' and the reverent Al was hating it all, rapper Skee Lo stepped up with a ...
Thursday, March 15 2018 9:41am

Did Trump say "republicans are the dumbest voters"? No he did not!

Since 2015, a post has been making the rounds at social media with the claim that Trump said in a 1998 People's Magazine interview, that republicans ...
Monday, March 19 2018 2:41pm

The list of Facebook animated keywords

Facebook has created some animated effects that are triggered when certain keywords are detected in comments and replies, solely to stimulate ...
Wednesday, October 11 2017 2:28pm

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