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An 18 year old woman dragged off a train by brutal cops for petty s#!

Report states that she had her foot on the forward facing empty seat and the conductor told her to remove it and she refused, so the asshole stopped ...
Monday, January 29 2018 1:59am

Stormy Daniels denies her denial of the Trump hush money scandal

The porn star Stephanie Clifford, BKA Stormy Daniels, who allegedly was paid by Trump to be quiet about a sexual affair, implies that she did not ...
Thursday, February 01 2018 1:46pm

Would you switch your super smartphone for a retro Nokia "matrix slide"?

AT&T/Nokia is returning the 1998 slide phone as a novelty and already those fad types are inline to get it. The release date is set for sometime ...
Monday, March 19 2018 11:12pm

Asha Mandela's real hair is over 55 feet long and her husband loves it

Asha Mandela is the record holder for the longest real and natural hair and she has found love with a hair stylist whose massive dreadlocks rivals ...
Monday, March 19 2018 11:27pm

If you told someone in a third world country that this is America, they'd say you lie!

This video is of Chapman Ave in East Cleveland, OH and it is a sign of depravity. The neighborhood was somewhat abandoned when employers closed and ...
Monday, July 09 2018 12:28pm

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