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Stating the word of truth

Native Americans express their rage on being called "indian"

When the idiot Columbus set sail to find India in order to steal its wealth and fine women, he f$@ked up and landed in America where numerous ...
Tuesday, March 20 2018 2:59pm

The popular Bajan prostitute Natalie 'Natlee' Harewood announces her bid for government office

The renowned Instagram 'skin-out' model and local Barbados 'high end' prostitute with stage name 'Natlee', has announced via Facebook and Instagram, ...
Tuesday, March 20 2018 4:33pm

It seems the loser white folks will always blame minorities for their miserable lives

A fat old white bitch in Toledo, Ohio decided to paint "hail trump" a swastika and "niggers get out" on her neighbor's house, and she is off to jail ...
Monday, July 16 2018 6:44pm

Is it that no god exists or that god does not care about children sexually abused by priests?

The Catholic church have long been known for its violence against humanity, since the years of the inquisition when they brutally slaughtered people ...
Wednesday, August 15 2018 3:46pm

First there was a black US president and many freaked out: now there is a tranny for governor.

Without the hate grip of religion to make people do what they declare as "right", societies around the world have expanded their human diversity and ...
Wednesday, August 15 2018 3:52pm

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