OU QB Baker Mayfield apologizes for crotch grab after defeating Kansas


OU QB Baker Mayfield apologizes for crotch grab after defeating Kansas

The start of the Oklahoma Sooners vs Kansas University football game on Saturday November 18 was full of aggression from the start when the Kansas captains refused to shake OSU quarter back Baker Mayfield's hand. He retaliated by beating them 41 - 3.

The Kansas defense seemed to intentionally beat up Mayfield at every chance, each illegal and caused a foul, but Baker stood up to each attack and kept on passing accurately. Being that the game was at Kansas home stadium, the fans were at least 70% for Kansas and they chanted much vile towards Mayfield which prompted his response in kind, after each touch down he scored. The final action which led to the public apology by Mayfield was his crotch grab and spew of expletives directed at the Kansas players.

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